My First Pompon Craft


Happy right if we spent our holidays with our favourite hobby. Actually, crafting is one of my hobby. It's relaxing.

So, last week, I saw a videos on how to make a pompon. It's very interesting. I decided to create one by myself. 

At first, it was really bad. But the next try...I did it. But, I admit that it was not as nice as yours. 

I know, most of you still do not know what is POMPON. Here, let me show you the things that still play in your mind.

Ni lah antara bahan yang Aishah guna utk buat benda alah tu. Aaa, yang mainan tu untuk lilitkan benang. Nak tahu tak macam mana Aishah buat.

Nantikan Tutorial Buat Pompon.


Thanks For Reading شكران.

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