Yeah, Happy Holidays

Assalamualaikum and hello.

I can say that most of you are in a very happy mode. right ???

It's becaause tomorry is our holiday untul next TWO WEEKS. Wow, it's too long and I can enjoy in front of this      computer.

My mother said that during my holidays, we will go for many place and 'x bleh ketinggalan' KENDURI_KENDARA must be in school holidays right.

Firstly, on FRIDAY which is tomorrow...I'll go to the Hotel Seri Malaysia...Just in Kulim. But I can have a great experience there.

And next Friday, we'll go to the Pahang. But we'll stay at the KL first the next day, we'll go there. 

I can't wait for that happy day.

And before I'm forget...I want to say


Don't forget Al-Quran and Solat

Thanks For Reading شكران.

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