This my 100th post

Hahahaha...It's sounds like weird right because I started blogging since last year but today is my 100th post. 

Actually, last year, I'm not so active in the blogging world. I feel like there's nothing to do with blog. At that time, I'm still blurred about blog and how to use it and applicate it. So, I used my own mind to search at Internet  and how surprised am I that time because there're much nice blog that I've found.

This makes me to decorate and customize my blog until it become like this. All of this started from A and wil be lasted at Z. 

The conclusion is, we've to try hard to get what do we want. 
And don't think we can do anything without learning. Although we're a smart student but all of us started our life with cannot talk, walk and now we can talk and walk even we can think. All of that are support and education from parents and teachers. So, dont be selfish. share whatever knowledge you have. 
Sharing is Caring.
 Remember that quote.

Thanks For Reading شكران.

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