Teacher, You're Really Mean for Me

DO you know what day is today. Today is Monday. Hahahaha. Ok straight to the point. Today is a Teacher's Day. Today, is the day which the teachers will be celebrated for their sacrifice. 

When I'm 5 years old until 6 years old, I was studying at the Tadika Tapis. There was a very wonderful kindergarten. I got my first knowledge there. Cikgu Su and Teacher Maliga are the only teachers that still in my mind. Cikgu Su, a very straight but have a kind heart. Teacher Maliga, very pro in English. She loves me very much. I still remember when the day I should present a song during what day, i forgot. I doesn't have the dress to wear so, Teacher Maliga let me to borrow her daughter's dress. The dress was very beautiful. I sang a song titled Teddy Bear. 

When I'm 7 years old which is DARJAH 1 or standard 1, I study at the SK st Annes Convent. Just only for one years because the next year, the school session is at the evening. Hot..Hot..Hot. But I still remember Cikgu Hashimah who is my class teacher 1 Melati. She is also my Math teacher. She is very kind. She  never angry in the class.

When I'm 8 years old until 12 years old, I'm studying at the SK Sri Kulim. There was a place where my memory stick in my mind until now and I'll never forgot. 

Cikgu Mustapha is the first teacher I saw when I steps in that school. I started with 2M1 which is no.1 class. 

Cikgu Salina, a very supporting teacher. She always gives me and my classmate works. I scored well in Math.

Cikgu NorHayati, a Science teacher. She always brought us t0 the Bilik Tayangan to explore much about SCIENCE.

Cikgu Maznah, a very active teacher. I'm still remember when she teach us the POCO-POCO dance. But now that dance have been harm in Malaysia. 

Cikgu Suhaimi, a vocal teacher. Actually, when there are a sing competition between classes, he'll use the class time to practice singing. Along our time with him, we always got no.1 in singging competition.

Teacher Parameswary, a very good English teacher. When anybody spell a wrong spelling, they've to do 50 correction. But when DARJAH 6 she told us that who spell wrong have to do HUNDRED correction. She also teach me well to do essay. She also trust me well. When Amir be a head of my group with teacher, teacher disagree, teacher wants me to be head of the group. I was very proud of myself.

Cikgu Norhaizan, a very sporting cikgu. Cikgu always spent our class time enjoyly although we're at the middle of UPSR. I love Cikgu

Now, I'm at he SMK SULTAN BADLISHAH...This a very adventure school. My times there was very compact. I've to be punctual. But I can learn how to be a challenger. That was a very smart school. Just scored 6A2B was at the number 12th in the class and 100 and above in the form 2 students ranking.
Cikgu Azizah, C. Ritaah, Cikgu Yusni. Very best teacher,
Cikgu Azizah always smile. Cikgu Yusni..a very best ustazah. she is more preferred with girls. And always menjaga martabat seorang perempuan.


Thanks For Reading شكران.

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