Plastic Surgery


Hello, Today I would like to speak in English. Wohaaa...Double Trouble. Whatever. My talk today title ' Plastic Surgery '.

Malaysia is not very common with plastic surgery right. For those who are ISLAM, You are not allowed and Cannot do this operation. Plastic Surgery is very famous between korean artist....Let see ..
 Nice Right????

 This is a handsome guy.

 very beautiful...

Actually, this plastic surgery was purposed for those who would like to have a pretty face. Do you want to know, what is the difference between before and after operation.


Very far...right.

Altough, it's beautiful but you know how long to have such that preety face and how hurt you suffer along the operation .

I think that's all from me. For those who have feel to do this...Please I hope that you will stop about it. Ok. Why don't just take the money for other things such as to buy books or even you can buy an Ipad or a car. Wow..See...don't wate your money.


Thanks For Reading شكران.

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