Mood Off ... Volume Off

Yeah, as what I wrote at the TITLE.
' Mood Off ... Volume Off '
That's mean I'm really bored right now. There're much reason which can I said to approach my statements.

 Usually Saturday is a very nice day. You know why??? Because it is a school holiday. But today, I've to iron my school uniform, get ready early to go to school and waiting for the van Laila. Yeah. I've to do that because today is a school day. Urghhh..

 Today, I feel dizzy. Maybe because of the weather condition which is hot. It make my level of happiness become low and should be charged.

 Lastly, my brother's attitude. These two little boys are very naughty but not too much. First one, Nuqman. The things that he have to do are my jobs. He is very lazy. He put the jobs on my shoulders. My shoulders have not enough energy to carried the jobs. And another one Nazrin...Today he's just cry and cry. Till his face become reddish. He is a white skin type person. Maybe because of his sickness. My mom's said that he is sick. So, I have to take care of him while my mom is busying with her works at the kitchen.

Because of that, my sound is not too loud like other days. And I have no mood for todays. Just get back hoem..Another task should be done which is Slide Presentation for ICTL which is LINUX PRESENTATION.
It's okay now. All of that have done. I'm free. Tomorrow or maybe today because now is already 12.00 am. is mother's day...So, don't forget to say Happy Mother's Day Mom to your mom. ok...About Mother's Day will be continued tomorrow..Bye..Assalamualikum

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