Mom, I Love You ♥♥♥

I'm talking about mum who is a special person forever and always bright in my heart. Oh, who does not love her/his mother is a very stupid person.

When I was born, you fight very hard to save your and my life. You want us to life together. 

When, I was 6 months, you make a very special porridge for me. You make it just only for me. And when, I'm trying to eat, you smile yourself because of my look on that time
When, I'm 9 months years old, I started to crawling and on that time, you bought for me a car for me to move easily. You're really happy when saw me on that car. She feels anxious and impatient waiting for me to walk.

When I'm 1 years old, it's time for me to review my weight. You really hope that my weight is at the normal weight. 

When I'm 1 years 2 months, I can walk and little run. You're very tired chased for me. And I just laugh because felt want to play. You bought for me a pair of nice and simple slippers for me to wear so that, I can walk without any pain. At that time also, I want to talk. You just laugh because not understand of my words..Just do like you're understand me.

When I'm 3 years old, you cooked for me a very delicious food. You also bought for me a new clothes because the past clothes are not fits for me. At the supermarket, I wanted to buy a very expensive cloth but you said that you've not enough money to purchase it. Then I'm crying just because want to have that cloth. Because of my attitude, you've to buy it although you need much money at that time.

When I'm 5 years old, you send me to kindergarten. You want me to study hard. So that, when you're gone, you  leaves me with knowledges on the mind. But I just play and take easy of what teacher said.

Time run too fast, and I'm now 12 years old. I'm going to sit for UPSR. Because of that, you've to spend a lot of money to fund the fees. Surely, you want to see my success. At the end of the years,  I'm scored well in my UPSR. You feel very happy. But you just only can happy alone at the hospital because you're sick to give birth of my another little brother. 

Now, I'm 14 years old, you said to me once again to study hard for PMR. You advice to me which is not to forget myself and her. Always remember that world is just for a while, akhirat is forever. Don't forget to pray. And until now I remember of your advise. 

Mum, before I said HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY to you. I've made a portrait of a woman. And I imagine that she is you. I gived it to you this morning. And I can see happiness at your face. 

Before I go to school , I kiss you and hugs you close and said that I Love You, Mum.
Lastly, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world. And don't forget that, mother's day is not just for today, it is every day. Ok, 

Thanks For Reading شكران.

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