Opening Now

What is "open now'???? Ok, You all want to know. Ha, Last Thursday, a new supermarket, TESCO has opened. As normal, there were many people that came over there. Maybe some of them just came to look what is the nice thing about Tesco in Kulim. Last year, Giant and now Tesco.

Looks like Giant has a new challenger. But I think, Tesco is better than Giant. Why ?? This is the reason..

 We have to pay to park our car inside the parking part. But Tesco FREE.
 Giant doesn't have a place for child to play. But Tesco, there is a place for children to have a happy time.
 Tesco is little bigger than Giant.
 Giant's fish, chicken, meat and many more things such like that is little expensive than Tesco's.

But, I don't think so. What will happen with other supermarket such as Minat, The Store, Poh Lye and Giant. Last 3 years maybe, Yawata, a first supermarket build in Kulim has close their door <bankrap>. 

Actually, I'm still not come to the Tesco yet. But from my perspective, right now Tesco have a lot of profit. Because there have 800 parking lots. And the cars parked there was much than that.

 Can you imagine, they were not just stopped to see or whatever, they must wanted to buy something. Haaa, let's say one person RM50.00. What abot 800? RM50 x 800. RM 40000. Just only that time. Then there came another car. Urhhh , if I'm the owner, I've been a billionaire like Mark, the facebook founder.

For me, The Store is a best place to buy clothes. During Ramadhan, The Store is my fav choice to buy baju raya for Shawal.
Giant, is an entertainment place. When we want to play bowling or anything. Giant is the place. I'm also like the Hasani Landmark Book Store. It's big and full with book. I like.

And another one, Tesco. I cannot guess. But I think it's a best place to shop wet goods. Like, fish, meat or maybe eggs.

Thanks For Reading شكران.

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