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Today I would like to answer some question which always play in my mind this few days. Lastly, I found the answer and going to share with you.  The questions is divided into three which is FACEBOOK, BLOGS, STUDY.

We know that all of this have their own advantage and disadvantage.


1. Who is the facebook founder ?
Mark Zuckerberg 
2. How much money does he have right now. Is he a billionaire
From my research, he is one of a billionaire. His wealth right now estimated about 13.5 billion dolar. OOOh it is too much. Is this one of his reason to shut down the facebook. I don't know.
3. How old he is ?
I don't think so but he is still a young man. He is al so students at the Harvard University.


1. Why do we need blog ?
Blog actually is not an interesting job to be done. But it is a very good hobby for us. Many of us have a creative mind that's why they can make a cute blog and make money from the blog. Blog is a place to share something such as memory, experience, secrets or even information. 
2.  Contest in the blog ? Is it true about the prize ?
Ok, first I really surprise with this but it's truth that i have to trust. All the contest and the prizes that promised by the owner is true. So, if I joine one of the contest and the first prize is RM 100.00. I can win that. Ohhh, I can be like Mark also one day. Haahaha.


1. What is the advantage of study ?
Of course, we can gain our knowledge. Right >>>???
2. Why we cannot get what the teacher teaches sometimes ?
Maybe, we'd did something that makes the teacher hate us and we can't get what they teach to us. So, remember. Don't ever makes our teacher sad or hate with us. Makes them happy like finish their homework and follow their instruction.
3. Did books help us a lot ?
 Actually, we can study without a thick books. We can only have a textbook. From that, we can build our own note. So, after this, we don't have to reopen our thick books or text books. Our notes must be neat so that, we can read it with peaceful.

That's all from me. I just like to share with you as I'm a counseling club's member 

Thanks For Reading شكران.

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