Kem Keindahan Bersamamu

Maybe some of you know about this camp. It's the best and most memorable camp that I've join. What is the best thing about this camp???

 First, the camp is controlled by other people which is...I'm forgot. But there are abang fasi and kakak fasi that always sporting. Me and my other friends' are divided into many groups. And each group consist of one or two kakak or abang fasi. Ok, each group have to cooperate to do the army yell. To know what is army yell CLICK HERE. My group's name is Synergy. I don't know the spelling but it sound like that.

 The purpose of doing this camp is to know Allah, Parents and Friends. So, this camp is divided into 3 slot. Which is 1st slot know Friends. In this slot. All of my frinds include me was realized that how huge the value of friendship and we're hugging each other while crying remember our fault that we did to friends. It's the most memorable moment that I'll never forget. 2nd slot is knowing Allah. At first, it just simple but at the end, they want us to fell when we're in the grave when we died. There come the MALAIKAT and ask about our solat. I can fell it. Very very scared. The sound of strokes was very loud which makes me become very scared. And lastly slot knowing parents. In this slot, we are ordered to write a letter to them. In the letter we've to say as much as we want. And be honest when write. After that, they took us to Dewan Samsuddin. There, Our parents are waiting for us. I can see my father are seeing me from down there. I feel like want to stay with my father forever and ever. When I gave the letter to him, I know he can feel what I feel but, man is not like girls. They've a very hard heart. So, my father just PUJUK and Peluk me. Mother where are you?? My mother are going for khusus. Just me and my father.

 Eating together. It feels like family when we take breakfast, diner and lunch together. We can eat with friends. But we've to wash our plates by ourselves. Hahaha. On that, time we're rushing to get the water pipe. Because if the first person is boy so, boys are the one that control the pipe.

 Many surprice. I was very shocked when they said that they'll remove someone that hit the rules. At first, I think it's true because Umimai was very angry with them. When they asked us to punished them or not..Yaaaa, they played the happy birthday song. Actually, the person that will removed are birth on April.
All of us was very surprised.

 All of us stayed at the asrama. I'm stayed at the same room with my friends which is Ismalini, Aswa, Izyan, Afifah, Aizat and Many more. There I can meet a new friends which is a very clever girl..Nabila Syuhada. On first night, I can't sleep well. It is very hot. So, on the second night, I slept on the floor with Ismalini. It is very cold. But it is comfortable.

That's all. I hope after this I can go to this camp again. FUN AND FUN,.

Thanks For Reading شكران.

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