I Missed A Very BIG Chance

I'm very excited because 'Imam Besar' Masjidil Haram was at at the Bukit Mertajam and  going to pray together with people there and give ceramah. It  feel like at the real Mekah. This  is a very big chance to see him at least.
Before my family and I started our journey, I've prepared a notebook and a pen to write somehing. At least, I can share something with my friends that can't go there especially, Afifah. She really want to go there. But her father can't go there because.....(i don't know). 
Our journey started at 7:30 p.m. And it took about 1 hours to reach there. Along the way, I can imagine how many cars and people over there. 

When we reached there, we noticed that many people were getting out from the hall. I felt like the ceramah has ended. I really hope that my feeling is not right. When my father asked to one of the polices about the ceramah and the police answered that the ceramah has ENDED. I felt very disappointed because I can't meet him, ABDUL RAHMAN SUDDAIS.

I understand his timetable is very tight because after the ceramah ended he straight on to the airport. And I've learned something from this incident which is if there is a thing that we need a lot, work hard to get it. So, I should get ready early so that, my family can go there earlier. Sorry, Afifah.

Thanks For Reading شكران.

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