Family Day

Today my afamily and I celebrated Family Day at Merdeka Beach. At first, I was so excited but when we reached there .... nothing was fun there for me. But many of the people there was happy.. maybe they liked it. Urghhh.. but why can't I. I just can feel tired and boring. Yeeeee....actually I can feel happy there with the activity like ...melody chair, fill water in the bottle and many more but I just watch and feel the freshness of the beach.
My friends was there too. But I don't think they'll will be with me because I have to take care of Nazrin and I like to be with my LOVELY FAMILY.

Ok, forget about that...Now I want to say about Merdeka Beach.. Where is the Merdeka Beach ??? Merdeka Beach located at the Kedah... OOOHH , that's my beloved state... 
My mama and ayah said that there was a lot of difference since they've been a long time not reached there. For me that was a nice beach and RESORT ... Very fantastic. But I just can look the resort from out...I can imagine how beautiful in the chalet there. 

However, my family is the best family. Family day is not the day to celebrate it but every day is Famliy Day. Be nice to your mom and dad. 

Thanks For Reading شكران.

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