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Hai, hari ni terasa teringin pulak nak join contest walau dok sibuk nak exam pun. Hahahaha. Contest ni macam tak sesuai ja utk blog ni tapi it just for fun. Apa salahnya kita mencuba kan. Belum try belum tahu.

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tempat ketiga : RM 5 @ topap RM 5 . 

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27 April 2011...Stop Blogging For A Few Days

My school exam starts on 19th of May 2011. So, I've to be prepared earlier before the exam starts. I want to get a very good results this time as my friends...Huda, Afifah, Ismalini, Izyan, Aizat n Atiqah. They're very smart students. Thay always score good marks. HMMMM...

Last exam...I'm scored 6A 2B....

 Bahasa Melayu, I'm scored A which is eighty and above. But, I'm scared that this time it will drop to B.Oh noooooo.

 Sejarah, I've improved much from this subject which is from 57 to 78. Alhamdulillah. I know my mistake which I'm not study hard on that day. Just play and waste my time watching televison. So, I've to go to the Kelas Mendulang Emas. From this class, I've got many things that is not teached in the class. And I promised myself that I will never score C in any subject. Insyaallah.

 Mathematics, It's my favourite subjects when I was year 6. But when I was in form 2 especially, I've become low in Math. My mind cannot work fast as usual. But I scored A this time. Alhamdulillah. For your information. On the night before next exam Math day, I going to the bed at 3.30 a.m. Just to study a TOPIC which is SQUARE ROOTS. It's the most hard topic. My mom helped me a lot. She also sleep at 2.30 just to teach me. Next time, I'll never do that again. YESYESYES.

 Geografi, This time Geo is little easy because it just covered Kemahiran Geografi and Form 1 Topic just 2 or 3 chapter. Alhamdulillah, I'm scored A this time. I've my experience when I was in form 1. I scored 59 in Geo. The teacher said who scored C, will get punishment. I was really scared at that time. But my mark can be added to 60 because I've completed my assignment and give to the teacher on time. That is the only C in Geografi and after this it will never repeated. Insyaallah.

 Agama Islam, This is the last subject gived by teacher. And this is my 'penentu markah'. At first, I thought I scored B. Because when I checked by myself, I get 60... But when the ustazah gives the paper I was really grateful because I got A. Yeah, I'm not doing much preparation on that paper because I feel asleep on that night. Hahahah. But Ustazah Yusni is the best USTAZAH in the world.

 KHB..Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu, this time it is my actual result because last time I scored A just because addition of folio mark. But I'm still grateful to Allah because still gived me success.

 Now talk about Science..Hurhhh, I scored B. 70 %. Very bad. Much careless. And tick at the wrong place. I'm very regret of my mistake. Ahhhhhhhhhh !!!

 Lastly, English. This time, Izyan and Aizat also scored B. But Afifah still A in English. UUUUHHHH. I know Mr Chin wants us to correct our mixtake and not repeat it during next exam.

That's all. I hope that this time I can scored much better. Or 8A. I really wants to have a certificate of Straight As'. Insyaallah. If we're study hard, there will be a very easy way to score that Allah gives to us.

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Floating Button

Cuba tengok kat belah kiri blog ni. Ada macam-macam button kan. Antaranya, fb, myspace, gmail n many more. Haa, itulah floating button.

1. Dashboard > Design > Add Gadget > HTML/JavaScript
2. Copy kod bawah ni

<style type='text/css'>a.linkopacity img {filter:alpha(opacity=50);-moz-opacity: 0.5;opacity: 0.5;-khtml-opacity: 0.5;}
a.linkopacity:hover img {filter:alpha(opacity=100);-moz-opacity: 1.0;opacity: 1.0;-khtml-opacity: 1.0; }</style>
<div style='display:scroll; position:fixed; top:500px; left:-12px;'>
<a class='linkopacity' href='' imageanchor='1' rel='nofollow' style='margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;' target='_blank' title='facebook'><img border="0" src="" /></a><br />
<a class='linkopacity' href='' imageanchor='1' rel='nofollow' style='margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;' target='_blank' title='myyearbook'><img border="0" src="" /></a><br />
* Yang warna biru tu link website ok.
* Yang warna merah pulak url gambar yang bersesuaian.
* Yang warna ungu pulak tittla. Contohnya website yang kita letakkan Facebook, so tittle dia facebook la.
* Kalu nak tambah lagi just copy yang bawah ni, cuma ubah yang warna biru, purple dan merah tu ja.
 <a class='linkopacity' href='' imageanchor='1' rel='nofollow' style='margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;' target='_blank' title='myyearbook'><img border="0" src="" /></a><br />
3. Save Siap.

Kalau tak jadi bagi tau. Takut ada kesilapan dalam tutorial ni.

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Ayat Bergerak ( Marquee )

What is that ? Akrg try tegok kat bahgian atas blog header ada ayat bergerak kan. Itulah marquee.

1. Dashboard > Design > Add Gadget > HTML ? JavaScript
2. Copy, kod bawah ni
<img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="*xJmx*PTEyOTE4OTA3ODU3NjEmcHQ9MTI5MTg5MDgwNDcwOCZwPTc2MTcxJmQ9TWFycXVlZSUyMEdlbmVyYXRvciZnPTE=.gif" /><marquee style="background-color:FFDDFF; border: 1px solid DDBBDD; color:000000; font-family:verdana; font-size:9pt; width:700px; height:50px; " direction="left" behavior="scroll" scrollamount="5" >TEXT KORUNK</marquee>
3. Yang highlight kuning tu x perlu ubah pon x pa, Tapi kalau nak ubah saiz ubah la. Ikut kesesuaian blog. Yang highlight purple plak arah ayat tu bergerak, kalau nak tukar ke kanan tulis RIGHT . Yang text kaler merah tu ayat yang kita nak gerakkan.

4. Save Siap.

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Letak Icon Sebelah Comment

Icon yang dimaksudkan ialah icon yang ada kat sebelah Comment bawah entry. Kan ada macam kotak mailbox kaler merah. Haa. Itulah icon yang dimaksudkan. Car-caranya :

1.  Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML > Tick Expand Widget Template
2. Kemudian cari kod bawah ni ( tekan ctrl + F )
<span class='post-comment-link'>
3. Then, Copy kod bawah ni plak dan pastekan di sebelah code yang kita cari tadi.
<img src="LinkGambar"/>
4. Maknanya dia akan jadi macam ini ...
 <span class='post-comment-link'><img src="LinkGambar"/>
5. Preview dulu, baru save.

* Yang warna biru tu, letakkan url gambar ... cara nak dapatkan url gambar boleh rujuk kat sini
* Icon tu boleh ambil dari sini 

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Kem Keindahan Bersamamu

Maybe some of you know about this camp. It's the best and most memorable camp that I've join. What is the best thing about this camp???

 First, the camp is controlled by other people which is...I'm forgot. But there are abang fasi and kakak fasi that always sporting. Me and my other friends' are divided into many groups. And each group consist of one or two kakak or abang fasi. Ok, each group have to cooperate to do the army yell. To know what is army yell CLICK HERE. My group's name is Synergy. I don't know the spelling but it sound like that.

 The purpose of doing this camp is to know Allah, Parents and Friends. So, this camp is divided into 3 slot. Which is 1st slot know Friends. In this slot. All of my frinds include me was realized that how huge the value of friendship and we're hugging each other while crying remember our fault that we did to friends. It's the most memorable moment that I'll never forget. 2nd slot is knowing Allah. At first, it just simple but at the end, they want us to fell when we're in the grave when we died. There come the MALAIKAT and ask about our solat. I can fell it. Very very scared. The sound of strokes was very loud which makes me become very scared. And lastly slot knowing parents. In this slot, we are ordered to write a letter to them. In the letter we've to say as much as we want. And be honest when write. After that, they took us to Dewan Samsuddin. There, Our parents are waiting for us. I can see my father are seeing me from down there. I feel like want to stay with my father forever and ever. When I gave the letter to him, I know he can feel what I feel but, man is not like girls. They've a very hard heart. So, my father just PUJUK and Peluk me. Mother where are you?? My mother are going for khusus. Just me and my father.

 Eating together. It feels like family when we take breakfast, diner and lunch together. We can eat with friends. But we've to wash our plates by ourselves. Hahaha. On that, time we're rushing to get the water pipe. Because if the first person is boy so, boys are the one that control the pipe.

 Many surprice. I was very shocked when they said that they'll remove someone that hit the rules. At first, I think it's true because Umimai was very angry with them. When they asked us to punished them or not..Yaaaa, they played the happy birthday song. Actually, the person that will removed are birth on April.
All of us was very surprised.

 All of us stayed at the asrama. I'm stayed at the same room with my friends which is Ismalini, Aswa, Izyan, Afifah, Aizat and Many more. There I can meet a new friends which is a very clever girl..Nabila Syuhada. On first night, I can't sleep well. It is very hot. So, on the second night, I slept on the floor with Ismalini. It is very cold. But it is comfortable.

That's all. I hope after this I can go to this camp again. FUN AND FUN,.

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Opening Now

What is "open now'???? Ok, You all want to know. Ha, Last Thursday, a new supermarket, TESCO has opened. As normal, there were many people that came over there. Maybe some of them just came to look what is the nice thing about Tesco in Kulim. Last year, Giant and now Tesco.

Looks like Giant has a new challenger. But I think, Tesco is better than Giant. Why ?? This is the reason..

 We have to pay to park our car inside the parking part. But Tesco FREE.
 Giant doesn't have a place for child to play. But Tesco, there is a place for children to have a happy time.
 Tesco is little bigger than Giant.
 Giant's fish, chicken, meat and many more things such like that is little expensive than Tesco's.

But, I don't think so. What will happen with other supermarket such as Minat, The Store, Poh Lye and Giant. Last 3 years maybe, Yawata, a first supermarket build in Kulim has close their door <bankrap>. 

Actually, I'm still not come to the Tesco yet. But from my perspective, right now Tesco have a lot of profit. Because there have 800 parking lots. And the cars parked there was much than that.

 Can you imagine, they were not just stopped to see or whatever, they must wanted to buy something. Haaa, let's say one person RM50.00. What abot 800? RM50 x 800. RM 40000. Just only that time. Then there came another car. Urhhh , if I'm the owner, I've been a billionaire like Mark, the facebook founder.

For me, The Store is a best place to buy clothes. During Ramadhan, The Store is my fav choice to buy baju raya for Shawal.
Giant, is an entertainment place. When we want to play bowling or anything. Giant is the place. I'm also like the Hasani Landmark Book Store. It's big and full with book. I like.

And another one, Tesco. I cannot guess. But I think it's a best place to shop wet goods. Like, fish, meat or maybe eggs.

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Letak Like Button Selepas Entry

Letak Facebok Button 'Like' Dalam Blog
Button LIKE ni untuk pengguna facebook sahaja. Jadi , sekiranya sesiapa baca entri kita dan dia tertarik so, dia akan tanda LIKE. Itulah fungsi button like. Dalam blog ni pon ada, cuba jenguk.

1. Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML > Tick Expand Widget Template.
2. Cari kod bawah ni, tekan ctrl + F
3. Then, copy kod bawah ni dan letakkan di bawah kod yang kita cari tadi.
 <iframe allowTransparency='true' expr:src='&quot;; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;layout=standard&amp;show_faces=false&amp;width=100&amp;action=like&amp;font=arial&amp;colorscheme=light&quot;' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' style='border:none; overflow:hidden; width:450px; height:40px;'/>
4. Kalau boleh, yang kod langkah ketiga tu , sebelum paste tekan enter dulu supaya dia selang sebaris baru paste kan. kalau kurang jelas klik dekat tutorial untuk blog kat bawah tu,
5. Sebelum, kita save..preview dulu.Takut tak jadi. nanti tak boleh buka blog terus.

Credit to : tutorial untuk blog

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I Missed A Very BIG Chance

I'm very excited because 'Imam Besar' Masjidil Haram was at at the Bukit Mertajam and  going to pray together with people there and give ceramah. It  feel like at the real Mekah. This  is a very big chance to see him at least.
Before my family and I started our journey, I've prepared a notebook and a pen to write somehing. At least, I can share something with my friends that can't go there especially, Afifah. She really want to go there. But her father can't go there because.....(i don't know). 
Our journey started at 7:30 p.m. And it took about 1 hours to reach there. Along the way, I can imagine how many cars and people over there. 

When we reached there, we noticed that many people were getting out from the hall. I felt like the ceramah has ended. I really hope that my feeling is not right. When my father asked to one of the polices about the ceramah and the police answered that the ceramah has ENDED. I felt very disappointed because I can't meet him, ABDUL RAHMAN SUDDAIS.

I understand his timetable is very tight because after the ceramah ended he straight on to the airport. And I've learned something from this incident which is if there is a thing that we need a lot, work hard to get it. So, I should get ready early so that, my family can go there earlier. Sorry, Afifah.

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My Opinion

Today I would like to answer some question which always play in my mind this few days. Lastly, I found the answer and going to share with you.  The questions is divided into three which is FACEBOOK, BLOGS, STUDY.

We know that all of this have their own advantage and disadvantage.


1. Who is the facebook founder ?
Mark Zuckerberg 
2. How much money does he have right now. Is he a billionaire
From my research, he is one of a billionaire. His wealth right now estimated about 13.5 billion dolar. OOOh it is too much. Is this one of his reason to shut down the facebook. I don't know.
3. How old he is ?
I don't think so but he is still a young man. He is al so students at the Harvard University.


1. Why do we need blog ?
Blog actually is not an interesting job to be done. But it is a very good hobby for us. Many of us have a creative mind that's why they can make a cute blog and make money from the blog. Blog is a place to share something such as memory, experience, secrets or even information. 
2.  Contest in the blog ? Is it true about the prize ?
Ok, first I really surprise with this but it's truth that i have to trust. All the contest and the prizes that promised by the owner is true. So, if I joine one of the contest and the first prize is RM 100.00. I can win that. Ohhh, I can be like Mark also one day. Haahaha.


1. What is the advantage of study ?
Of course, we can gain our knowledge. Right >>>???
2. Why we cannot get what the teacher teaches sometimes ?
Maybe, we'd did something that makes the teacher hate us and we can't get what they teach to us. So, remember. Don't ever makes our teacher sad or hate with us. Makes them happy like finish their homework and follow their instruction.
3. Did books help us a lot ?
 Actually, we can study without a thick books. We can only have a textbook. From that, we can build our own note. So, after this, we don't have to reopen our thick books or text books. Our notes must be neat so that, we can read it with peaceful.

That's all from me. I just like to share with you as I'm a counseling club's member 

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