Berhati-Hati Sebelum Melakukan Sesuatu

Seperti yang kita ketahui, manusia telah dikurniakan oleh Allah satu nikmat yang sangat bernilai iatu AKAL. Akal digunakan untuk berfikir. Cuba kita bayangkan , Apa akan terjadi sekiranya kita tidak ada akal pasti kita akan melakukan perbuatan yang pelik seperti kucing di bawah.

Pelik kan ... Jadi, gunakan akal yang telah diberikan oleh Allah kepada kita sebelum bertindak bak kata orang putih " THINK BEFORE ACT ". 
Di bawah ini ada sedikit petikan mengenai THINK BEFORE ACT

i had to bite my thumbs so many times from beeing stupid like that.i always end up in situations i didn’t want in the first place, just because i act on impulses. >

yes I’m one of does person that will say anything in the moment if I’m mad..a week ago I got mad to my boyfriend and start saying ugly things and I relized taht I was beenreally rude so I took a breath and sat down and he came to me and hug that was my frist time I calm myself and sat and thougth the problem and I talk to him and things got fix,.,,, >

I could of saved myself from getting in an accident and totally my car a few years ago, if I thought before I acted. Instead of rushing and trying to get to where i was going so quickly, I could of slowed down and gotten behind the truck, instead of trying to get in front of the truck.
And just the other day, I was wearing a work shirt and cleaning the bathroom with a product that had bleach in it. if i thought i might have gotten bleach on the shirt, i would of taken it off.
Thinking before I act, that is what I do now.>

Thanks For Reading شكران.

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